Re: Visit to the Al Gusto Restaurant was a total letdown

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> I visited the Al Gusto restaurant in Didcot on 27th August 2010. I found
> the staff to be very friendly and helpful.The menu offered a good choice of
> meals and the food was delicious.There were 5 of us in the group and we
> would all happily return there for another meal.I am amazed at some of the
> negative comments I have read on other message boards. The similarity in
> the text suggests the source of most of them is from one person with a
> grudge.

I visited on the 26th August the day before you the whole evening was a fiasco it took 3 attempts to get our orders correct the waitress who served us had an attitude problem as well as an inability to understand basic requests the menu was bland and unadventurous and to top it all they tried to overcharge us will not be eating here again.

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