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He may have his eccentricities, but he is very decent bloke and has done so much for many good causes, mostly kids who are sick or in need of help that is not available in the general community. I am not sure if it is true, but i have heard that in his younger days he may not of been a "paragon of virtue", if that is the case he is a very fine example of someone who has turned their life around for the benefit of others.....if not it does n't degrade his contribution in any way. Show me a better example to young kids either way?

To have this bloke even associated under emails with the title " Morons of Didcot" is as offensive as it is unfair and pricks like you need to wake up and smell the coffee, what have you ever done apart from snipe from distance you petty minded ars.

See below for the latest exploit - if he needs to run in the road to be fit for a 16 mile fund raiser, let him bloody well do it.

And before you start saying i'm him or a mate of his, i never met the bloke but i do know whats going on our local community.

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