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> Thanks (not) for your libellous reply Jim, it should be very easy for the
> Forum admin to check the IP address of each poster, I reiterate now that I
> have never posted on this forum under any other name. If you still feel you
> cannot apologise fully for the defamation that you have slandered me with,
> then you should be prepared for the consequence of your ignorance.
> Some time ago Hippy made the same mistake about my veracity, but credit due
> eventually conceded.

Charles was that a threat?. Now that's not very nice is it? Do you think that your comments concern me? Charles this a local site for local people to talk to each other and get advice, all you want to do is upset people. I'm guessing because you have no friends or life.

In my experience people who display this type of behaviour, being angry at everyone, hating them and want to just cause upset for other is because they are so unhappy with them selves. I feel sorry that anyone who feels so unhappy they want to hurt others.

This site is not for bullies and people who want to send horrible messages.
So please get back in your box and leave everyone alone.

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