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> I didn't even post that...You are seeing things again
> On the 31 May 2017, 0918 you wrote

May is an awkward wierdo and I would not vote for here and her and her spiv party of shysters in a million years. The country needs a change from the Tory poinson. The garbage you post here could have come straight from the keyboard of that traitorous tosspot Farage.

The fact that you seem to just parrot this bullsh*t shows that you agree with them, and so when the country goes down the toilet when we leave the EU, you and all the other cretins with the same mindset as you will be to blame.

It is not hard working immigrants which are ruining the country, it is people like you who are willing to wreck the future of the UK just so you can wave your little England flag and shout "contol the borders !!"

Norman you dont know what your saying, get off the Pot, and get out the spell checker.

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