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> No need to explain it. We got it.
> Teresa May was a disaster. If she had an engaging personality things may
> have been different, but she doesn't and she has paid the price for her
> aloofness. The Tories have been sent a message.
> Hopefully we will get a much better Brexit now (if it goes ahead at all),
> and seeing Farage have that grin wiped of his face is very pleasing.
> Have a good day Charles

But yet again an overwhelming majority voted to leave the EU and the Single market (Freedom of Movement) =

Consevatives = 42 % (In their manifesto June 2017)

Labour = 40 % (In their manifesto June 2017)

Ukip = 1.8 % (In their manifesto June 2017)

Total = 90.0 % Hows your grin Norman, please dont wet yourself.

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