Re: Most Remainers are too naive to know this or would never tell you

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> These may be true, but I don't really see any of these as problems.
> Until now I have been a very staunch Brexiteer, but the last few days have
> made me come to my senses and realise that Theresa May is totally
> incompetent and is not the right person to deal with such a massive change
> to our country.
> I have therefore reached the conclusion that I think it would be best if we
> stay as a full member of the EU and save our country from this disaster.
> Leaving could be considered again at some time in the future when we have a
> new decent generation of compassionate and sensible politicians from our
> current youngsters, and the completely useless bunch we have now are locked
> away in care homes.
> I apologise for all the Pro-Brexit rubbish I have posted over the last 2
> years or so, and strongly encourage other Brexiteers who,like me were
> blinded by an irrational distrust of foreigners and daft patriotism driven
> dreams of freedom, to realise how stupid we would be to leave the EU and
> all the benefits it offers us.
Clearly posted by a fraudster. That's the problem with Remainiacs, you can't trust them.

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