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> Why,
> Oh why are we building tens of thousands of new homes in the Didcot area if
> the birth rate of the indigenous people is falling???.
> Google The Kalergi Plan.
> Another reason to leave the EU before the concrete jungle engulfs us beyond
> the point.

Because, thank God, we have plenty of non-indigenous people moving into the area to contribute to our community.

I know this makes narrow minded xenophobes like you Charlie Boy feel uncomfortable, but tough - this is the UK, a fantastically diverse country which most people (apart from Brexit-supporting, Farage-obsessed morons) enjoy.

If Brexit happens, and ruins this country (as so many studies suggest it will) then it will be the fault of people like you.

Anyway, have a nice weekend Charlie Boy. I've been invited to my wonderful Indian neighbours house for a delicious curry dinner - something which even the thought of doing would probably offend your pure english body, right ?

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