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> Great to see the country tell your hero Farage that he is not > wanted. From the Guardian "The Brexit party folded, but make > no mistake: Farage won it for Johnson" One of the early results of > the election night, a Labour hold in Sunderland Central by 2,964 votes, was > striking for the swing. Labour was down 13.4%, Conservatives up slightly by > 2%, while the Brexit party had a swing of 11.6% from a standing start. When > the first 10 seats were in, in mostly northern and Midlands seats, there > was nearly a 10% drop for Labour, while the Conservatives were only up 2.1% > and the Brexit party was scooping up a 6% swing. In some places the > Conservatives gained seats from Labour on modest swings, while the Brexit > party got swings of more than 10%. In Don Valley, Caroline Flint’s > 2017 majority of 5,169 appears to have been swallowed up by the Brexit > party – which won 6,247 votes as the Tories took the seat. A similar > dynamic appears to have taken place in Tony Blair’s former seat of > Sedgefield. That may well be the case, but his brexit party which you have been banging on about won nothing. UKIP failed, the brexit party failed, both with Farage in charge. He will probably go quiet for a while, but then reappear with more complaints and we'll have to listen to the gobshite loser once more. But Im sure you will still be here to sing his praises.....

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