The Wallingford Arms, Didcot

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Over the past few months this pub has had many discussions on here. I went there yesterday for a lunch time drink and was shocked on how run down and untidy this once good pub looked.

The patio area to the right of the pub was overgrown with weeds and was covered in rubbish and empty bottles. The sitting area in front of the pub was again covered in litter, cigarette ends, broken glasses and bottles. The flower pots were full of rubbish and weeds. There were also a pair of dirty boxer shorts and a pair of women’s tights to the left of the door way.

Inside the pub the floor was sticky and messy, the dance floor is coming apart. The men’s toilets, the cubical door is all smashed in and there was dry sick on the floor.

Why does the management do nothing about this mess? Surly when you run a pub you have a moral obligation to keep the pub and surrounding garden area neat and tidy as you are dealing with the general public? If the people that run it set their standards so low then how do they expect the clientele to act?

Didcot is in need of a good decent pub and The Wallingford Arms could be the answer as in the past this was a very good pub. All it needs is some TLC and a management team that want it! People on here may knock the pub for the fights, but a rough looking pub will attract a rough crowd. People say how rough Broadways is, but you can go in there anytime and it is decent and tidy.

Bring back The Wally to the good standard it was in the past!!

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