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> Thanks Sharon. May I just say, be aware when using a voucher in Prezzo in
> Didcot, the quality of the food and the customer service drops
> dramatically.
> We have been to Prezzo four times. The first time was without a voucher
> and we loved the food and the waiter was great.
> The second time, with a voucher, the food was not the same quality (we
> ordered bruschetta both times and they did not compare!) and we had
> lipstick on the glasses which we had to point out to the waitress who was
> very rude to us.
> Then the third time, without a voucher, the food and customer service was
> back up to the standard we'd received the first time we went. Great food
> and an excellent, friendly waitress.
> Funnily enough, the last time we went, with a voucher, we had a horrible
> evening, burnt cold food and the waitress practically dropped our plates on
> the table and never asked if everything was ok with our meals.
> I have actually written a letter to Prezzo head office regarding this and
> received a reply to say they would pass my complaint on to the Manager at
> Didcot. Whether they actually did that, I don't know.
> So, just be aware that if you use a voucher, you might not have the best
> evening, even though the vouchers are a great bargin.

I think this surely must have been coincidence, unless you told them beforehand that you had a voucher, which in that case their bad service/food is unacceptable. When I have been into Prezzo with any voucher, I have never told them before asking before the bill that we have a voucher. Therefore any good/bad service wouldn't be down to the fact we had one.

Have never had a bad meal or service in Prezzo, must be lucky!

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