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> Don't be an idiot, Charlie boy. He has nothing to apologise for....
> Thank you H, I think we all know he can't help himself and lets be honest this forum seems to be all he has and you can guarantee he wouldn't be so 'verbal' if you met him in person, he just an idiot as you said.

As for apology.......really!.... what I am apologising for Charlie boy?

Can you prove the messages form anon aren't from you? and lets be honest it doesn't matter because that was just one example I can go back if you like C.B and remind of all of the other ridiculous, obnoxious, rude, stupid comments to other people on here?.

I do apologise however for not getting back to you earlier, sorry but unlike you I do have a life!..., just remind me was it 3 messages you sent asking for an apology or was it more?

Get a life C.B and leave people alone.

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