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> I know this is very much a 'done deal', but I wonder how many of Boswells,
> Wlidwood's and Cornerstone's clientelle will welcome a compulsory , liberal
> helping of diesel or other toxins with every meal they choose to take
> outside in the sunny weather?
> I wonder too if these establishments have considered how it might effect
> their trade and indeed whether they were ever consulted at the planning
> stage?
> Seem to think these restaurants could well lose out to bigger players, in
> the traffic-free zone of the new development, partly - if not entirely -
> due to factors outlined above.

As you rightly say - certainly a done deal.
The whole shambolic undesign of the Town Centre is not good.
Have the 'planners' (or the 'garden Town' designers from Bournemouth and elsewhere) thought about the poorly sighted (or Blind) people, who will have to cross the Bus lane that bisects the Town Centre? There is no 'feelable' barrier betwixt pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Buses turning out onto the (now totally shunned and disregarded) Broadway will be a nightmare.

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