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> Rubbish,fake news, the official Vote Leave campaign was clear "exiting
> the EU meant leaving the single market". Check out its official site
> or any of the reports from the campaign, such as the newspaper
> headlines.

The official campaign may have said that, but that still doesn’t mean everyone voted leave knowing that we would end up leaving the single market. I debated the issue at length before the referendum and many many leave voters said they wanted to stay in the single market. Farage talked of "being like Switzerland" many times. The truth is as I said before, if people had known clearly that we would leave the single market the result would have been different.

I am not a “remainiac” or “remoaner” or whatever other insult you wish to use, I fully accept that we are leaving the EU. What I do not accept is that we are now on the path of the most extreme Brexit because that is NOT what people voted for.

At least with “Maggie May” we know she changes her mind at the drop of a hat so maybe she will change her tactics once the election is out of the way ;-)

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