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> 1. "I am very honoured that you consider my name alongside that great
> man Sir Nigel Farage" was not a compliment, and the odious
> grinning clown farage is only a great man in your bizarre imagination. In
> the real world he is certainly not a great man.
> 2. By "boarders" I assume you mean "borders" ? Its
> amusing how many flag waving brexiteers are unable to spell the word which
> is the single most important thing in their little immigrant-phobic minds.
1. Sir Nigel Farage is the greatest Statesman since Winston Churchill, and the best is yet to come.

2. Proud to be a flag waving Brexiteer.

3. What do you mean by this gibberish statement?, "a change from the Tory poinson"

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