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> May is an awkward wierdo and I would not vote for here and her and her spiv
> party of shysters in a million years. THE COUNTRY NEEDS A CHANGE FROM THE TORY POINSON.
> The garbage you post here could have come straight from the
> keyboard of that traitorous tosspot Farage.
> The fact that you seem to just parrot this bullsh*t shows that you agree
> with them, and so when the country goes down the toilet when we leave the
> EU, you and all the other cretins with the same mindset as you will be to
> blame.
> It is not hard working immigrants which are ruining the country, it is
> people like you who are willing to wreck the future of the UK just so you
> can wave your little England flag and shout "contol the borders
> !!"
> Norman you dont know what your saying, get off the Pot, and get out the
> spell checker.


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