Reading with Oxon Border RSPCA

The Reading with Oxon Border branch is one of a number of local branches of the RSPCA that carry out animal welfare work and fundraising activities in their local areas. The Reading and Oxon Border Branch covers an area stretching from Didcot in the North West, across to Henley in the East, down, through past Reading to just South of the M4.

The committee and volunteers carry out various activities. Such as, assistance with vet's bills for the treatment of sick and injured wild or stray animals where the owner cannot be identified. Helping the local RSPCA inspector in any way possible. Carrying out home checks for prospective adopters of RSPCA rescue animals from the local animal home.

If you are in the area and feel you would like to help the ROBB or find out more about them, then email or visit their website.