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Avon Sales Representatives and Sales Leaders

Posted by: Claires Avon Focus <cldt22@hotmail.com> Date: 9/1/6

Show the Avon Cosmetics brochure to work colleagues/Neighbours/Friends/Family/Designated Streets and earn 20% to 25% commission. No experience necessary. Applicants who are literate and pick up things easily most suitable for.
As well as being a representative, you can also be a Sales Leader which puts you in a higher earning bracket. This role includes recruiting your own team of representatives and earning a commission on your team paid sales. Commission wil start at 3% on your team and goes up to 12%. Incentives and Bonus's often available.
Please view website for more details:
www . ClairesAvonFocus.homestead . com
Recruiting in SEWales but if in other area, can pass details on to appropiate people who can help you. Look forward in hearing from you...

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