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Warehouse Recycling Operative

Posted by: PMP Recruitment <robert.kurylo@pmprecruitment.co.uk> Date: 1/6/15

We are a busy recycling plant in Didcot. Our main operation is in the recycling of plastic food trays which are used at supermarkets. The role will involve the loading and unloading of trays onto a conveyor which takes the trays to an industrial washing machine. The trays are then unloading at the other end and returned to the suppliers. Other tasks will involve the recycling of plastic and cardboard by unloading from cages into a baling machine.
The hours of work are 6am - 6pm and 6pm - 6am. We are flexible in the number of shifts you want to take. We have full time hours and part time hours
Please contact me on 07436812359 for an immediate start.

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