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Home Tutor

Posted by: Home-School Tutoring and Educational Services (Oxfordshire) <judiththomasson@homeschooltutoring.co.uk> Date: 1/8/1

Teachers/Tutors required to tutor throughout the Didcot area.

Tutors of all subjects, areas and levels are welcome.

We especially require tutors of the following subjects:

Primary English and Maths (esp. tutors who can cover both)
Tutors who can prepare pupils for Entrance Exams
Geography A Level
History A Level
Special Needs
Italian GCSE and A Level
Latin GCSE and ALevel
Classics A Level
General Science GCSE
Physics A Level
Computer Programming- professional/degree level
RE GCSE and A Level
Sports Science A Level
Music Theory- all grades
Accountancy- professional/ A Level
Politics A Level
Music A Level
Business Studies GCSE and A Level
German A Level
Psychology GCSE and A Level
Philosophy GCSE and A Level

Tel/Fax: 01235 810017

Tel: 01865 865352


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