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> > > Ok if it is for the benefit of the country, tell us > how > we > will > all benefit ? DEMOCRACY WILL BE UPHELD, Kevin.The argument and debate has > already been won, and by a massive majority the country decided to LEAVE. > This was again ratified by a General Election in which over 90% of the > voting electorate supported their parties manifesto promise of honouring > the result of the 2016 Referendum. So stop moaning Kev, the country voted > to Leave so get over it, or dont you believe in > Democracy?. Yes, the fact that democracy will be upheld is a good > thing, > but that's not the question. HOW DOES LEAVING THE EU BENEFIT THE UK ? All > the evidence says it will harm our economy, so why is it a good thing? > Please answer that Correction:- All the "opinions"and > propaganda you have subscribed to say there will be harm to the economy. > The reality is the EU is a failed project, it's a farce. If we remain in it > our economy will be > destroyed. So what are the benefits of leaving - specific things. Why can't brexiteers name these and instead divert from the question ? We are fully aware of all the lies we have been told by leavers (£350 millions extra to the NHS every week etc) and we know there will be no prosperity ahead, no money for the NHS, no more EU money for farmers and no more freedom to work in 27 other countries. So what are the benefits to the UK of leaving the EU ? Instead of dodging it, why do leavers seem incapable of answering this simple question ?

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