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> > > Check the news, the nonsense people like you sprout! Do you not > realise a > judge found that the £350 figure was not excessive but people like > you still haven't realised! Thanks, exactly the kind of vacuous > response I expected. Waste of time here.... Checks the facts, I'm not > going to try and convince a fool. By the way remain people like you > never explain what will happen if we stayed in the EU. So let me spell it > out:- This country would cease to exist as a sovereign nation. Good point Richard, the £350 million was the correct gross figure, about £250 million net if you account for the rebates. And whats wrong with the bus statement "Lets fund our NHS instead" ?????????. And what about gross lies the Remoaners sprouted?. "Voting to leave the EU would have an immediate detrimental effect on the UK’s economy" They said GDP would be down to -3.6 to -6.0, Unemployment up +520,000 to +820,000, Sterling exchange rate index down -12% to -15%, wages down -2.8% to-4%. Lies the economy continues to grow and unemployment continues to fall They said an emergency budget would be necessary upon a Leave vote being delivered. Nothing happened. Britain would be at the “back of the queue” for a US trade deal, Reverse is true, thank you Mr Trump. They said Article 50 would be triggered immediately, It was triggered nearly a year later in 2017, used as a shock tactic to try and frighten.. They said migrant camps would appear throughout South East England,where are they? They said families would be £4,300 worse off if Britain left the EU, based on the lie that GDP would be down - 6%, currently running at + 1.5%. They said the idea of an EU army was a dangerous fantasy. In November 2018, the French and German leaders Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron joined politicians like Jean-Claude Juncker and Guy Verhofstadt in calling for an EU wide army. The list goes on and on, and Kev still sprouts the same old rubbish remain mantra.

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