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That may well be the case, but his brexit party which you > have been banging on about won nothing. UKIP failed, the brexit party failed, both with Farage in charge. He will probably go quiet for a while, but then reappear with more complaints and we'll have to listen to the gobshite loser once more. But Im sure you will still be here to sing his praises..... We would never had got a referendum and the resignation of Cameron without the threat from UKIP. We would never have got a full Brexit and the resignation of May without the threat and the Euro performance of the Brexit Party. We would never have got such a landslide Conservative Majority without the Brexit Party taking votes away from Labour supporters. (which you have just conceded above). Watch out now for the newly formed "Reform Party" Nigel Farage will always be one step ahead. BTW which loser did you vote for?.

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