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party planner/ team leader

Posted by: fm cosmetics <nickysteam@gmail.com> Date: 5/9/9

FM High Quality Designer Fragrances
Buy FM and SAVE money, Sell FM and MAKE money!

So who is FM?

Our fragrances are quality designer fragrances at affordable prices. Our Ladies Parfum contains 20% perfume oil and Gent's Eau de Parfum 16%, compare this to the 6% in Eau de Toilette that is more widely available and you see that our fragrances will last at least as long as other designer brands if not longer. Complementary products are also available in our most popular fragrances (Matching Body Lotions, Hand Cream, Shower Gel, prices start from 4.75) We sell over 137 fragrances for Gents, Ladies and Children. All ladies perfumes are 30ml and gents Eau de Parfum 50ml for 10.50. We also have a selection of luxury fragrances which are 50ml for ladies perfume and Eau de Parfum 100ml for gents which cost just 14.99

How can FM offer the SAME high quality fragrances as the world's leading brands without the high price tags?

FM's packaging is classic, yet simple - therefore the customer is not paying for fancy, bespoke, bottles and boxes. FM do not spend money on advertising on TV, in newspapers, magazines, or on billboards - which adds to the cost of the products you normally purchase in High Street shops. FM does not pay celebrities to endorse their products - but prefer to rely on satisfied customers to recommend them to others. FM does not employ teams of demonstrators in departmental stores - they teach their distributors how to introduce their products to customers. Extra costs are not added by trading through wholesalers and retailers - our products are shipped directly from the Company to our Distributors or their customers. This is why FM can offer its customers a range of top quality products at prices they can afford. FM perfumes are stronger than most store-bought ones and are certainly far less expensive - and the best part is that the quality has not been compromised in any way.


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