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> Absolutely unbeleivable. By her own admission 'cannot be bothered to get
> out of bed, have not and will never work, living one life(subsided by
> honest tax paying citizens and 2 ex partners + the latest aquasition in
> tow). I have this image - straight out of school into a maternity dress. As
> for her not caring - well she is so rubbed up for some rearson she feels
> the need to justify her position. Sounds like a Didcot Heather Mills, but
> without the money. Yup, we all accept this as a wind up - me I have more
> richness than you could amass in a hundred lifetimes given your current
> 'lifestyle' and I have no need to live in Didcot too, or indeed for that
> matter Oxfordshire - but then again, unlike someone I do not want to turn
> into a braggart. xxx :) ;) ;) v

Jon, if you don't live here, why keep posting? You really must try to calm down, then you might get your facts correct, Sharon actually said... [and certainly don't feel the need to drag myself out of bed each day, and be away from my little boys and friends all day long...why would I?]
There are many many people on benefit around the country, even if it is just housing benefit or free school meals etc...calm yourself down mate!!!

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