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> Thanks for your reply Johnny boy, has school broken up already?.

I dont think you can call me a xenophobe when I have worked, lived, and travelled abroad for many years, 8 years in the Middle East, 2 1/2 years in China, 2 years in Indonesia, and 2 years in Taiwan. i have also travelled extensively across the globe, and mixed with all race and cultures. Please tell us how many more migrants would you welcome to the Uk?, current rates are equivalent to the size of the population of Liverpool every year, how many can you house in your parents spare room. And what about diversity? sex crimes up 90% in Oxfordshire, knife ,murder and drug related crime all up at record highs especially within all of our enriched areas. Expect More over crowded hospitals,schools,roads, more pollution and misery.
When you grow up Johnny you may gain some experience of the real world, at the moment you are in dimmitude, that is a useful idiot.

> Because, thank God, we have plenty of non-indigenous people moving into the
> area to contribute to our community.
> I know this makes narrow minded xenophobes like you Charlie Boy feel
> uncomfortable, but tough - this is the UK, a fantastically diverse country
> which most people (apart from Brexit-supporting, Farage-obsessed morons)
> enjoy.
> If Brexit happens, and ruins this country (as so many studies suggest it
> will) then it will be the fault of people like you.
> Anyway, have a nice weekend Charlie Boy. I've been invited to my wonderful
> Indian neighbours house for a delicious curry dinner - something which even
> the thought of doing would probably offend your pure english body, right ?

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