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> I dont think you can call me a xenophobe when I have worked, lived, and
> travelled abroad for many years, 8 years in the Middle East, 2 1/2 years in
> China, 2 years in Indonesia, and 2 years in Taiwan. i have also travelled
> extensively across the globe, and mixed with all race and cultures. Please
> tell us how many more migrants would you welcome to the Uk?, current rates
> are equivalent to the size of the population of Liverpool every year, how
> many can you house in your parents spare room. And what about diversity?
> sex crimes up 90% in Oxfordshire, knife ,murder and drug related crime all
> up at record highs especially within all of our enriched areas. Expect More
> over crowded hospitals,schools,roads, more pollution and misery.
> When you grow up Johnny you may gain some experience of the real world, at
> the moment you are in dimmitude, that is a useful idiot.
A useful idiot ? Id rather be called that than be a Nigel Farage fanboy.

Thanks for telling of your work history, not that I really care, but I bet in all those countries you claim to have worked in, you insisted on speaking English, right ?

And what did YOU do to "enrich" those countries ? Did you integrate into the local community, or live in gated expat communities with local people employed to serve you ?

Amazingly, as i am apparently still at school, I too have spent many years working in a range of countries, and have enriched my life by doing what i can to involve myself in the local culture, where i have almost always experienced friendly and welcoming people.

I therefore try to reciprocate this by welcoming people who come here who want to contribute, integrate and enrich our society.

This is something i never see from people like you. People who only look for the negatives and ignore the positives. Its a strange attitude, as you seem quite happy to settle in other countries, but seem to object to people from other countries settling here.

But carry on thinking Nige will make all right, if thats what you want.

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