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> Wow âï¦ âï¦ I have been an observer on this site
> for a very long time, but recently the conversations on here have been so
> totally ridiculous I feel I have to comment. This is meant to be a social
> site so people of all ages can meet and chat. There are people on here who
> should take their views and aggression else where.
> My grand daughter sometimes reads this with me but recently I have had to
> check it before she can look with me.
> Meeting up to show documents????!!! Really!!??!!!!..... I am an 89 year
> old granny with 5 grand children. However, I doubt this will stop the abuse
> I expect to get now.. This is not what
this site was set up for, shame on
> the lot of you...

Hi Mary, Brexit and uncontrolled mass immigration are some of the biggest issues that face the UK today, it is vital that forums such as this do exists (to discuss) even down to the local level. Please can you try to keep your posts on topic, if not please can you start your own thread!.
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