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> this site was set up for, shame on
> Hi Mary, Brexit and uncontrolled mass immigration are some of the biggest
> issues that face the UK today, it is vital that forums such as this do
> exists (to discuss) even down to the local level. Please can you try to
> keep your posts on topic, if not please can you start your own thread!.
> Admin Moderator.

Thank you Admin, However I am confused by your comments?... How can what I have said be off topic?. There is clearly threats on here and you think this ok and appropriate for site like this?. I have no problem with a lively debate, but these people get personal and in my opinion take it way too far. That is not a debate it is bullying!.. I am not allowed my opinion like everyone else or am I being silenced for my views? Please don't worry about what I will say next as I have better things to do and will no longer bother with this so called 'Open' forum.

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